Play the Matching game

The object of the game is to click the cards to flip them over and reveal the images/words on the underside. Find two compatible images/words and get a match! You can select the question mark in the Matching game for game-specific instructions.





Matching Game at a Glance

An image of the Matching game with numbered balloons that correspond to the table below.

Matching Game Legend Description
1. Help button (?) Access game-specific instructions.
2. Timer View how long it takes to complete a game. The game becomes more challenging if a time limit is set.
3. Game board Use to flip cards and make matches.
4. Play Again button

Reset the round you are currently playing.

Note: Select any card to start the game.

5. Next or Previous Round button Access the next or previous round of the game. The button lights up and becomes active when a round is completed.

How to play the Matching game

  1. Click any card to start the game.
  2. Click any card to find a match.

For Touch Screen users

Touch a card on the screen with your finger to flip the card or touch any other game button.

Last Updated: October 19, 2022