Play the Balloon Pop game

The object of the Balloon Pop game is to use the dart (cursor) to pop the balloons with correct answers attached to the string, and let the balloons with incorrect answers attached pass by. You can select the question mark in the Balloon Pop game for game-specific instructions.






Balloon Pop Game at a Glance

An image of the Balloon Pop game with numbered balloons that correspond to the table below.

Balloon Pop Game Legend Description
1. Help button (?) Access game-specific instructions.
2. Timer View how long it takes to complete a game. The game becomes more challenging if a time limit is set.
3. Game board Use to watch the balloons fly by and aim to pop balloons.
4. Word cards

Select to listen to a word's pronunciation.

Choose correct and ignore incorrect cards.

5. Dart (cursor) Use to aim and throw the dart at the balloons.
6. Collection basket Select the description on the front of the basket to listen to a clue. Correctly popped balloons fall into the basket.
7. Play button Start the game. The balloons start flying across the screen.
8. Play Again button

Reset the round you are currently playing.

Note: Select Play to start the game.

9. Next or Previous Round button Access the next or previous round of the game. The button lights up and becomes active when a round is completed.

How to play the Balloon Pop game

  1. Click the Word box on the hot air balloon’s basket to hear the clue.
  2. Click the Play button to start the game and watch the balloons begin to scroll by.
  3. Aim the dart at the balloons that match the given clue.
  4. Click the mouse to release the dart toward the target.

For touch screens, simply tap the screen to aim and throw a dart or to select any other game button.

Last Updated: October 19, 2022