Build cards

You can use the Build Cards tab on the toolbar to create your own custom cards. The cards can include letters, numbers, words, or word parts.

  1. Click the Build Cards tab. A keyboard appears.
  2. Use the Keyboard to select the letters and/or numbers needed to build the card.

The following keys are used to:

An image of the build cards keyboard.

  1. Click Clear to clear the card and start over, if necessary.
  2. Click Done.

The Up arrow on the keyboard is a toggle key and is used to switch between upper and lower case characters. A yellow border appears below the card as you are building it. The border disappears when you select Done. A word card cannot be more than 20 characters. The card shakes when you have reached the maximum character length. The card may shake if you attempt to drag and drop it to a Pocket Chart row that is full.


Drag and drop cards

  • You can drag and drop cards in and outside of an Elkonin box.
  • Cards are removed from the shelf when used in the workspace, ePocket Chart row, or Elkonin box.
  • Cards in a free workspace, ePocket chart row or Elkonin box are automatically deleted when a new card is placed on the current one.


Last Updated: June 30, 2022