Get Started with Benchmark Writer's Universe

Writer’s Universe projects guide you through the steps of the writing process, from brainstorming through drafting, all the way to publishing your final project!

Each Writer’s Universe project is organized into the following stages:

An image of the Stage/Step Banner
  • About the Genre — Learn about features of the genre you will be writing.
  • Pre-Write — Brainstorm ideas, choose a topic, and plan your writing.
  • Draft — Write your first draft.
  • Revise/Edit — Revise your draft using helpful tips and teacher feedback.
  • Publish — Publish your completed writing project.
  • Reflect — Think about and provide information about your writing experience.

Writer's Universe at a Glance

An image of the Writer's Universe page with numbers that correspond to the numbers below the image. Number One is next to the Help button. Number Two is next to the Stage/Step Banner. Number Three is next to the assignment name and the teacher’s instructions area. Number Four is next to the Comments Tab. Number Five is next to the Chat Tab. Number six is next to the Tools Tab.

  1. Help — Click Help at any time to learn more about Writer’s Universe. Click Close to exit your writing project.
  2. Stage/Step Banner — Displays the stages of the project, including the stage and step you are currently working on. You can go back to steps you’ve completed using this banner.
  3. Assignment — The assignment name and the teacher’s instructions appear in the header throughout the project.
  4. Comments Tab — Click to open and review the teacher’s comments left for you, or write comments to your teacher.
  5. Chat Tab — Click to open and chat privately with your teacher, or chat in peer groups set up by your teacher.
  6. Tools Tab — Click to open and use the project rubric and tips to help develop your project.

Your teacher can monitor and comment on your writing throughout the project, and lock or unlock steps along the way.

Print out the Student Writer's Universe Quick Start Guide, and learn more about Writer's Universe by exploring these help topics:

Last Updated: June 30, 2022