Find your writing assignments

To find your Writer’s Universe assignments, first sign in to Benchmark Universe. Click the My Assignments tile to get started.

Find a Writer’s Universe assignment

An image of the Dashboard.

Assignments — Click the My Assignments tile on your Benchmark Universe Dashboard. Your Assignments page opens showing a list of your current assignments.

See Get Started with the Dashboard to learn more.


Open a Writer’s Universe assignment

To open a Writer’s Universe assignment, click an area of the assignment listing as described below.

An image of the Writer's Universe page with numbers that correspond to the numbers below the image. Number One is next to the Assignments Tally box. Number Two is next to the Assignment Name. Number Three is next to the Due Date. Number Four is next to the teacher’s name.
  1. Tally — The Assignments TallyA tally is a total that is recorded. box shows the total number of assignments listed on your Assignments page, separated by the following categories.
    • Not Started
    • In Progress
    • Completed

    Click any of the following to open an assignment.

  2. Assignment Name — Click the assignment name text.
  3. Due Date — Click the Due Date box.
  4. Teacher — Click the box with your teacher’s name in it.
Click the arrows next to any of the column headings to sort your assignments into a different order.

See Get Started with Assignments to learn more.

Last Updated: June 30, 2022