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You have to sign in before you can open and work with any of the ebooks and tools available to you in Benchmark Universe.

Go to Benchmark Universe

Your school will be provided with a unique Benchmark Universe website address. Contact your teacher for the website address, user name, and password.

Sign in

You can use the Sign in page to sign in to Benchmark Universe, perform a system check, change your password, and contact Technical Support.

  1. Type or copy the Benchmark Universe website address in the browser address bar and press Enter. The Benchmark Universe Sign in page appears.
  2. Type your user name in the Type your user name box.
  3. Type your password in the Enter your password box and press Enter or click Sign In.

How do I sign out?

Remember to use the Sign Out button located at the top-right of any page when you are done using Benchmark Universe.

Forgot Password?

Use the Forgot Password link to change your password.

Last Updated: December 30, 2019