Get Started with the Benchmark Universe Library App Chromebook

Before you start
This Help page is for parents and students that have downloaded the Benchmark Universe Library App from the Chrome Web Store. This application is for use on the Chromebook and only contains ebooks for reading. See Add and Install Benchmark Universe Library App Chromebook for information about installing the app, if necessary.

The Benchmark Universe Library App provides parents and your students with a library of ebooks from the CloudThe Cloud or cloud computing means storing and getting applications over the Internet instead of storing and getting the applications from your computer's hard drive. The term Cloud is used today to refer to the Internet, its architecture and technology.. Download your favorites and start reading! You can search by title or keyword, filter by content area, grade and so much more on your mobile device. The number of ebooks available to you for download is based on the type of subscription your school or district has.

System Requirements



Chromebook with at least 2GB RAM Chrome OS: Two latest versions

Explore Cloud View - Benchmark Universe Library

The Cloud View is the first page that appears after you successfully sign in. It shows the Benchmark Universe Library full of ebooks available for download.

An image of the Benchmark Universe Library Cloud View with numbers that correspond to the chart below the image. Number One is next to the Benchmark Universe Library App logo. Number Two is next to the Search, Sync, Help, Search, Filter, and Account icons. Number Three is next to the Book cover (Inactive), Cloud icon, Status indicator, and Book Details (Info) icon. Number Four is next to the Book cover (Active). Number Five is next to the Cloud/Device buttons.

Cloud View Legend Description
1. Benchmark Universe Library App logo

Identifies the Benchmark Universe Library Application.

2. Search, Sync, Help, Search, Filter, and Account icons


Search for ebooks by title or keyword.

Sync to refresh the Benchmark Universe library and get any new ebooks from the Cloud.

Get help on the Benchmark Universe Library App.

Filter ebooks by Content Area and more.

View account details, get Technical Support and review our Privacy Policy.

3. Book cover (Inactive), Cloud icon, Status indicator, and Book Details (Info) icon

Click the Cloud icon on the book cover to download an ebook.

View the Download process.

View additional details about an ebook and delete (remove ebook from the Cloud or Device view).

Download the ebook from the Book Details (Info) dialog, if necessary.

Note: eBooks that appear dim and have a Cloud icon are ebooks that have not been downloaded to your mobile device.

4. Book cover (Active)

Open an ebook.

View ebook details and read.

Delete an ebook.

5. Cloud/Device buttons Switch between Cloud/Device Views.

Device View - My Library

The Device View is your personal library and contains your downloaded ebooks.

Click the top or bottom of the Device View to show/hide the ebook's tools and thumbnails when you open an ebook.



Last Updated: June 30, 2022