Anatomy of Benchmark Universe Help

Benchmark Universe Help is user assistanceUser assistance is a term for guided assistance to a user of a software application or system. There are many forms of help available to a user. It can be automated and perform procedures for users or step users through procedures. based on what our users need to get started in the physical, virtual classroom or home setting. It contains simple instructions without a lot of technical jargon.

Its contemporary design includes state-of-the-art features, standards and best practices which include:

  • A separate, but equal Help system because we did not want to clutter your Benchmark Universe workspace with too many panels of information. That's why Benchmark Universe Help opens in its own window.
  • Easy navigation to individual or collection of topics within a Contents panel
  • Non-techie glossary terms that appear in context as pop-ups
  • Read more or less with Expand or Collapse All functionality
  • Topic pages rich with links because nobody absorbs information in a top-to-bottom format anymore. We encourage you to jump from one topic to another.
  • Slide shows that present multiple topics similar to viewing a presentation online
  • Help icons that are easily understood, no guessing
  • Search all files or by filter and so much more.

See what we mean in the At a Glance table below.

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Last Updated: December 30, 2019